1.What is freight forwarding or logistic?

A. Freight forwarding is a service used by companies that deal in international or multi-national import and export. While the freight forwarder doesn’t actually move the freight itself, it acts as an intermediary between the client and various transportation services.

A freight forwarding service handles the considerable logistics of this task for the client, relieving what would otherwise be a formidable burden.

2.What are the usual methods of freight payment?

A. Most freight payments are done with a Company check. However, you can also pay with wire transfer or credit card (subject to administrative fee). Payment is sent right around the time the freight is due to arrive, clear customs and be released.

3.What countries do you deal with for international shipping?

A. We deal with most countries. As shipping can be quite complicated, it is best to give us a call and discuss what your needs are.

4. What sort of freight services do you specialise in? What sort of freight is your speciality?

A. We mainly specialise in commercial cargo, machinery and business relocations. We also offer self-pack shipping containers for household overseas relocations. As we have been in the freight industry for so long, however, we have shipped almost everything at one time or another. Please come and speak to us about your requirements.

5.Do you warehouse?

A. Yes, we can arrange that for you.

6.Can you do stuff in a hurry?

A. Yes we can if space is available with the shipping lines. It depends on your requirements. Come and speak to us.

7. How can you guarantee my cargo isn’t held up by customs?

A. Quite simply – we can’t. If we control the cargo, we take every care with all the steps in the process and documentation. However, it is standard practice for customs to do random checks for effective border control. To our knowledge, there is no legal way for any importer to avoid these random checks. It is quite simply – the luck of the draw.

8. What is your success rate of on-time delivery?

A. What a great question! Freight forwarding is a sequence of events. If there is a break in that sequence then sometimes on-time delivery can be difficult. However, with proper planning, most deliveries are on time.

9. What sorts of issues can delay delivery?

A. Generally a delay will occur because of one of the following reasons.

• Incorrect or late paperwork. This can happen if the customer or supplier present incorrect or late commercial invoices or other necessary paperwork to their customs broker or freight forwarder. This will hold up the documentation process this end. Unhappily, this is the most common reason for delays and is outside of our control. Correct and accurate paperwork from you is very important.

• Short shipments by both air and sea. This can happen during busy periods of the year; again we have no control over this. Airlines and shipping lines have limited space and may be overbooked.

• a random customs check.

• ‘An Act of God’ i.e. ocean conditions – excessive stormy seas, piracy, shipping accidents, or flight delays due to bad weather conditions. Luckily, this happens very infrequently.

• Strikes, wars.

10.What about breakability?

A. You should always have freight insurance. We can arrange this for you if necessary.

11.What about GST?

A. International freight has no GST. However, GST may be applicable on import and all local charges.

12. Is your storage facility approved by customs?

A. Yes.

13. Are you going to complete all of the annoying paperwork?

A. Yes, of course. that is part of our service.

14. Do you have freight insurance or do I need it?

A. We can arrange insurance for you. As a rule, individual carriers do not provide cargo insurance.

15. Do you do airfreight and sea freight?

A. Yes. We do both.

16. How do you get me a better deal?

A. We use our knowledge and experience to get you the deal possible.

17. Why are you better than anybody else? Surely it must be easy to find freight forwarders?

A. It is easy to find a freight forwarder. It is less easy to find the quality of service you need if things get rough.

18. Are we contracted for a certain period of time to use your services?

A. No. Whilst we have many long-term customers, each transaction is considered individually.

If you have other questions not on this list, or you would like to discuss your international shipping needs, please contact us at customercare@waterlinkpak.com