Furqan International

Furqan International is an authorized clearing forwarding agent in Pakistan and we seek to provide the best kind of services as a Custom Clearance Company. There are several processes which go into the transportation of a shipment. Every country has a set of rules and regulations and even requirements which have to be followed in order for the shipment to be transported successfully.

Custom Clearance is hefty work which involves preparation and submission of documentations which are compulsory as they are meant to facilitate the imports or the exports in a country. As Custom Clearance Agents our job is:

To ensure Compliance with the rules set by Customs.
To ensure that the Clearance of goods is done within the stipulated time frame to avoid Demurrage.
To prepare Documents such as Bill of Entry and submit them for the Clearance Process.


Shipping freight.
Transportation / logistics.
Universal sourcing.
Sock management / warehousing
Custom Clearance
Logistics & warehousing